"Do it." (x)

Fuck! “This is what you’re going to become” cries because Season 3 foreshadowed to this! I can’t man, I just can’t…

Uhm. The music chosen for “Chuck” is fucken perf! I always die at least once during an episode. YAS!🙌

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And a voice keeps saying 
This is where I’m meant to be 

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Walt Disney Theatrical Productions

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Suzanne is so wise, y’all. Don’t sleep on her wisdom


disney challenge → [5/10] movies » tangled

something brought you here, flynn rider. call it what you will- fate, destiny. a horse.

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Just when I thought I couldn’t love Zachary Levi anymore than I do, my current obsession is “Chuck”
I love you Carmichael❤️❤️